My Craghoppers Pika trousers are my absolute favourite walking trousers – the perfect victim for my first clothing review.

Update: you can get these from Outdoor Gear at a pretty good price at the moment – just follow the link!


Pika trousers are billed in the product description as a “contemporary” version of Craghopper’s popular Kiwi trousers:

Cut a little lower on the waist and a touch straighter in the leg, Pika trousers also have just the right amount of stretch for a feel-good, contemporary fit.

They come in several styles:

  • A lightweight walking trouser
  • A winter version that has a warm fleecy lining
  • A convertible version that allows you to zip bits off to make three different lengths (called “Duo”)
  • A convertible version that lets you make shorts (this isn’t on Craghoppers’ website but I’ve seen it elsewhere)
  • Some crops

I have the normal walking trousers, so this review covers those. A lot of it probably applies to the rest too 🙂

Pika Fit

The best thing about these trousers is the fit. I’m a pretty standard size 8 and not exactly tall at 5’3”, and one of the most difficult things I find with clothes is the sizing being wrong. Jeans are almost always too long, and a size 8 in one shop is completely different to a size 8 somewhere else.

My Pika trousers fit me perfectly on the hips and bum, the crotch isn’t too low (another problem with some walking trousers) and the legs are nice and straight so they don’t swish together when I’m walking. I really hate high-waisted trousers (they just never fit properly) so finding some with what I’d call a “normal” cut is brilliant. They’re slightly stretchy which makes them extra comfy when climbing up hills.

The trousers come in three different lengths (short, regular and long) and I went for the regular. I could probably wear the short ones but I wasn’t really sure – the regular length doesn’t seem too long and after a few months of use they’re just fraying a tiny bit on the bottom cuffs.

Features, Such As Pockets

My Pika trousers have 7 pockets:

  • Two bum pockets with no closure like a button or flap
  • Two hip pockets, again with no closure
  • A zip pocket in one of the hip pockets – good for car keys!
  • A leg pocket with a flap over it
  • A small elasticated pocket inside the leg pocket

I’ve never actually used all of them at once, but having a leg pocket and a zip pocket is really useful. The elasticated pocket is a great idea for anything you want to keep separate and safe. They’re all nice and deep so you can keep plenty of stuff in them.

Build Quality

As I mentioned above, months of quite possibly being crushed under my boots has only frayed the bottom of my pika trousers a little bit. The fabric is soft, cool and lightweight, but seems incredibly durable. Most of the seams have two rows of stitching and overall they look the same as they did when I bought them.

The fabric technology is called “SolarDry” and consists of polyester cotton and spandex (apparently). I’ve found that they dry really quickly after rain or if you get really hot and sweaty – they’re a great walking trouser for warm-weather hikes. I imagine that the winter version would offer the same quick-drying but with added warmth and that sounds good to me.

The fabric is also meant to be stain-resistant, and overall I think they are. I’ve got my Platinum (light grey) coloured ones pretty muddy and they’re fine after a wash. I *did* drop some fish and chips on them and a vague, greasy stain remains… but not everyone struggles to find their mouth.


As mentioned above, Pika trousers dry really quickly – but are they waterproof? Well, I accidentally stepped in a massive puddle and half my leg disappeared. I came out dry so I’d call that waterproof!


I can find Platinum, Cardamon (brown), Black or Sand (light colour). It’s worth looking around to find the right size in the colour you want as not everywhere has every size/colour in stock.

The Verdict

Pika trousers are brilliant for hiking, really comfortable with a great fit and very durable lightweight material. Loads of pockets means you’re never short of somewhere to put stuff, and the waterproofing means they’re good for all sorts of weather conditions. I like them so much that I’ve just got another pair 🙂

Craghoppers Pika Trousers
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My favourite walking trousers
Rating: 4.5

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